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I am trying to integrate a MWI notification into the Agent Login/logoff scripts to allow easy notification of agent status for particular phone. Our customer service extension don't have voicemail boxes, so the MWI indicated would work perfectly.

I have a sipsak script below that enables what I want, but I was hoping that there were Asterisk commands to do the same thing? allowing them to just be added to the current agent login/off scripts.

I have seen other people running external scripts to added files to the voicemail directory, but that is considerably messy comparison, which makes me think it's no possible any other way??

sipsak -vv -f mwi_off.txt -s sip:688@

***** mwi_off.txt *****
NOTIFY sip:688@;transport=udp SIP/2.0
From: "Unknown" ;tag=as78f97f54
Call-ID: 5ef374d630942e2f0ac5e9121ccefb76@
CSeq: 102 NOTIFY
User-Agent: Asterisk PBX
Max-Forwards: 70
Event: message-summary
Content-Type: application/simple-message-summary

Messages-Waiting: yes
Voice-Message: 1/0