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Hi Alex/Eric

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but i'm looking for an API script in PHP (if possible) that I can use to add, or even remove extensions - rather then using the web gui.

I can figure out how to edit the sip.conf etc and related flat files, but i also see that there are some astdb entries for an extension. Please can you let me know what these are - so that i can accurately replicate adding an extension via an API.

Once the extension is there, its fine to edit it using the gui.

Background; we use a monster back-end / crm / erp / blah / blah system to manage all other aspects of providing voip like billing, project management, support, monitoring etc. We bill our customers per extensions, so currently there is no link between the Thirdlane extensions and what we have in our back-end.

If a customer calls in to add an extension, there are just too many "hands" that need to get involved... We would like a button in our crm... Add Extension, i will handle all the billing updates etc, i just need something to fire off on the Thirdlane box, to actually add it.

I can make the PHP file - just really wondering if you (or anyone) could assist with the "other" settings.