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I would like the ability to embed my own modules into the Thirdlane interface transparently when using the "Menu / Link Manager" section. Either via the interface, or if there is a way I can call basic functions from the TL libraries direct from my scripts to generate the proper header/navbar/footer.

The external script could be called and the output placed in the content portion (after the nav menu, but before the footer).

Currently I am making static HTML templates to wrap my content, but as versions progress (menu items get added/renamed/moved) and tenants get added (MTE version), this is not sustainable across multiple systems.


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Good luck trying to get any information. I've tried for I don't know how long to get developer information, any information. I've given up. I pretty much replaced the user portal with my own. I have about 25 pages in the user portal at this point and I had to just dig around to see how things worked. What values get written and where, writing my own routines, using HTML templates, etc. Alot of it was trial and error. I've also asked about a roadmap for future versions so I don't spend time developing a feature that is already in development at Thirdlane to no avail. Alex said one time that he did not want people to compete with him, which is a ridiculous attitude to have. Good luck trying to get a response, any response from Thirdlane. I can't even get a response on bugs that I notified Alex about.