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View Registered Extensions
I have seen other PBX softwares where you can see which extensions are registered. One way I have seen it implemented is by showing a Green light or some symbol next to each extension that is registered. This could be implemented in the "User Extensions" page.

It would also be nice to have an easier way to see which channels are being used by which extensions.

Calling Reports
It would be great if there were more advanced Call History reports with summarys that could be used to implement easy billing. For example, breakdowns of total minutes used per DID & Total per tenant. Also total Tollfree minutes used and any other details that could be useful for billing purposes.

I also think that it would be more convenient if you could display the Call History in a way where it just shows the full DID for both the Source & Destination as opposed to showing the actual Extension that picked up.

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some of what you want for CDR is possible but not all. A call that carries no toll is subjective and varies from country to country and from customer to customer. You're comment about destination as opposed to showing extension that picked up, goes to show that you're still are not reading, or at least not getting, what I repeatedly explain as to why you should not be trying to bill off the CDR collected on an end-point PBX. Its not that we magically disclose the extension that picked up but rather its Asterisk that has changed the destination in the CDR record. There is no DID in the CDR to show you what number was called. As soon as the call gets redirected to another number (internal extension, IVR, etc) That call has a new destination and therefore when the call completes the CDR reflects the redirected destination.

view registered extensions is already available to site admins. Its under Tools -> PBX Information

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