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Hi all,

We have had a number of customers asking about a message to be played when their office is closed on certain days. I have poked around on the forums here, but nothing seems to match what we're looking for.

98% of the time, our customers have a set schedule for operations. They do not want to have to manually change day / night (operator managed). That being said, there are some days where they would like to state the office is closed (staff party for example).

It would be great if there was an option under the schedule settings to set an override IVR to play on certain days with a personalized message. Happy Thanksgiving ...we're closed.

Thanks very much,


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thats already possible you just need to learn how to use schedules. noone said you were limited to just two actions in the inbound route section. for example a vacation schedule going to a different ivr is quite possible.

Erik Smith
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