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Dear Team,

I have a requirement for my customer is asking us to give different outbound DIDs as a Caller ID numbers for diffrent extenions.
Is this possible to do it on thirdlane asterisk Asterisk

We have used to set up 1 DID number as outbound caller ID for every individual extenions. But in this case they are asking us to show two different caller ID numbers from each individual extension.

Can we have any thing like this on our outbound dial plan?

Something like this dial plan _9XXXXXXXXX & _8XXXXXXXXX, If we dial 9 and number should show one DID number & If we dial 8 and number should show one DID number for particular Tenant.

If is there any scripts for this kind of dial plan?

Really appreciate your time.!!!


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yes, but dont use a prepend of 9 .. it will REALLY get you into financial trouble with your 911 carriers exceeding the allowable amount of calls per month. I do *71 *72 *73 etc in my patterns to override default callerid.

Erik Smith
Thirdlane/Asterisk Support available