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It would be very nice if ${CHANNEL(rtpqos)} will be stored the log files or better in the CDR.

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you cant just store random information in the CDR, not until 1.6 anyway, where it supports additional userfields. PBX Manager must remain compatible with 1.4 for the time being.

btw this channel function is not as useful as one might hope. During a call these values change and logging something at the end of a call does not indicate how something performed during the middle of that call. You'll notice most threads regarding it were in '07. I assume you're looking for some sort of VQMon that can tell you how well a call behaved (RTCP-XR)?

I did run across someone setting up a test extension that played a file and logged the crap out of everything before hanging up. Its more for diagnostics than a historic record you could go to when someone says 'i just had a call earlier that sucked'.

exten => 999,1,Playback(tt-monkeys)

exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,local_ssrc:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,local_lostpackets:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,local_jitter:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,local_maxjitter:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,local_minjitter:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,local_normdevjitter:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,local_stdevjitter:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,local_count:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,remote_ssrc:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,remote_lostpackets:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,remote_jitter:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,remote_maxjitter:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,remote_minjitter:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,remote_normdevjitter:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,remote_stdevjitte:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,remote_count:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,maxrtt: ${CHANNEL(rtpqos,audio,maxrtt)})

exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,minrtt: ${CHANNEL(rtpqos,audio,minrtt)})

exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,normdevrtt:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,stdevrtt:


exten => 999,n,Log(DEBUG,rtpdest: ${CHANNEL(rtpdest,audio)})

exten => 999,n,Hangup

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